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Diamond Drill Kit

Diamond Drill Kit Diamond Drill Kit Diamond Drill Kit
Product name : Diamond Drill Kit
Item : BHD Kit
Details :
 Used for drilling different kinds of glass(except tempered glass), granite, marble, concrete and other stone; wall brick and floor tile, sanitary ware and ceramic etc. Sharp, better abrasion resistance, strong bonding, not easy to spall off.
Connection type: round handle, hexagon handle, quick joint handle, internal thread type (M10, M12, M14, M16, 3/8”, 5/8”-11, 1/2G etc.) and external thread type(1/2G” etc.), punching core drill, slotting core drill sleeve core drill etc.. Round handle, hexagon handle, quick joint handle core drills belong to low speed core drill, best matches 2000-3000rpm electric hand drill or benching drill. Thread type core drill belongs to high speed drill, best matches 10000-13000rpm angle grinder. The wall thickness of hexagon handle and quick joint handle core drill is usually 1.2-1.5mm, drilling over 30 holes. The wall thickness of internal thread and external thread type core drills is 1.5-2mm (common 1.6mm), drill over 30 holes (below 14mm) and 50 holes (over 14mm).
Regular diameter is from 5mm to 120mm(diameter less than 14mm with industrial wax inside to cool the temperature and prolong the working life);total length is 60-95mm(can be customized according to customers’ requirement); the effective working length is 35-50mm; the grit height is 10-15mm; the range of grit includes #30/#40/#50/#60/#80 or other size. 
Both wet and dry used. Diamond grit of wet core drill is large; the wall thickness of wet core drill is thinner than dry core drill. The teeth of the core drill (usually above 20mm) are to protect the shank from touching the stone so that the holes can be deeper. The goal of shaking drill is to remove the chips.
Special size and grit can be customized. OEM MOQ is 1000pcs.

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